Arbitrage Autopilot Profits – Did Someone Say


Arbitrage Autopilot Profits

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the new Arbitrage Autopilot Profits program which claims to hold the secret to making $1,436.25 in just 30 days ( a rather precise claim if you ask me! )

​About a year ago I was crawling my way through the Warrior Forum looking at the hilarious WSO’s on offer there. After an hour or so ( I had time to kill! ) I stumbled upon an offer that uses a simple arbitrage technique to scam, sorry, earn money online.

Let’s just say I wasn’t that impressed and I let the dick, sorry, owner of the product know my views on that particular forum thread.

And now it’s about 12 months later and I am introduced to this new Arbitrage Autopilot Profits program…

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I don’t like the word arbitrage – not only does it’s concept piss me off it’s also causing me a typo every time I type it at speed 🙂

If you are taking part in arbitrage you are essentially becoming a middle man in some sort of deal. This means you are basically getting money for doing nothing!

Whilst the idea of making money by doing nothing sounds pretty awesome it NEVER works online – no matter what the brightly colored banners tell you!

My Friend Zak

So I picked up the product for just under $10 for the purpose of this review – when offers are this cheaply priced ‘scam alarms’ are ringing all through my office.

But it’s alright folks – I met a nice man called Zak Loveday on the sales page of this product and he was quite an inspiration. Just look at what he had to say…

Zak's Testimony

WOW…Zak is an absolute super hero! What is this magic formula you used Zak and how can I implement it myself?

Let’s take a closer look…

So I managed to get into this lucrative brokering school after a short wait for a rather dubious and amateur looking email.

I try my best not to judge a book by it’s cover so I carried on into the members area to receive my training.

This was pretty cool – everything was laid out well for me and there looked like there were 4 individual sections for training tutorials ( awesome! ).

But hold on here…why can’t I open up modules 3,4 and 5?

Oh wait a minute…they are an upsell to premium members! 

It turns out I only have one training module for my money – I hope it’s good…

banner 2

Absolute Garbage

OK. I’m a bit pissed I gave this offer ‘page time’ on my site so I’ll quickly cover the steps my tutorial offered me:

  • I was taught how to become an ‘expert’ logo designer on the site The only problem here is that I won’t be the logo designer – I will be locating other designers on the platform and using them
  • I was then shown how to place an advert on Craigslist stating that I was an expert logo designer who would provide a logo, for $5, in a 24 hour period
  • I was then taught how to find people looking for a logo service online ( a simple Google Query process that any idiot could get through! )
  • Next I was lucky enough to be taught how to respond to these adverts to have the best chance of landing the job
  • Finally I was shown how to purchase the logo on after I had landed a deal for it ‘outside’ the site

​Does this sound like a system that will make you $1,436.25 in just 30 days?

Conclusion ( If You Haven’t Already Guessed! )

I suppose calling this formula a scam is a bit of a stretch due to the fact it does teach you something ( crap ).

The main problem here is that the product has ‘Autopilot’ in it’s title so one would think that there’s really not that much to do to earn from it!

This is where it all falls down for me – not only is it a very flimsy system but it lies about it’s process. 

This isn’t a new idea – I touched upon that in the introduction to this article.

This means that there will be others trying to make money the exact same way as you. The whole process is location dependent which means you are not guaranteed to make a penny with it.

I leave the scam judgments up to you but deep down inside I know the truth of the product. If you want to pay very little money for a pathetic process then this is the product for you!

If you have had any experiences with Arbitrage Autopilot Profits and would like to have your say, please leave a comment in the section below.

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6 comments on “Arbitrage Autopilot Profits – Did Someone Say

  1. Hi Chris , Zak is the inventor of this autopilot system?..I like his story (working 2 years with zero profits and then suddenly he had the secret formula in his hands)

    ..You paid this $10 to get taught how to use fiverr and craiglist?…Are they kidding us or what?..And there are up-sells coming on this crap?..Unbelievable.I hope that people will eventually wake up and realise that there is no Autopilot software or training out there

    I am very disappointed of all these useless products , they give internet marketing a very bad reputation.You exposed this fraud very nicely and your recommendations are taking my vote as always.

  2. Great review ! I have heard this method where you provide a service using fiverr gigs. The method alone sounds good, but this product Arbitrage autopilot profits sound like a bad deal ! Thanks for making a good review, because if I ever find this product, I will instantly turn it away !

  3. Wow, Lol I’m sorry I’m laughing because this is absolutely garbage. Not only that it’s a waste of someones time, I can’t imagine anyone making the money this Arbitgarbage I mean Arbitrage claims. Oh by they way, were all your miss spelling on arbitrage was arbitgarbage? 🙂 Thanks for the warning and saving me money.

  4. Thank you for the review of Arbitrage Autopilot Profits. I love how you talk about the owner Zack Loveday. I can relate to that in some sense, I think, when we started out, we all have those big dreams where we could kind of believe some pretty dubious claims.

    About this system, I have to say it’s one of the scammiest course I’ve ever come across. So they are basically teaching you to buy and re-sell logos from Fiverr for a high price. I mean, it could work in way or another, but that’s very unethical.

    I enjoyed this post, reading about scams is quite entertaining, ha ha.


    1. Yeah I know Anh – it’s not the first ‘system’ to zero in on this Fiverr gig and make money off it! Ridiculous really as you can get this information for free online.

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