Amazon Flex Review – Driving For Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex Review - Driving For Amazon Flex

I’ll be honest with you here – I’m not the best of drivers…I never have been really!

It’s not that I don’t love fast cars – the more pretentious they look the better!

It’s just that on the day I passed my test my instructor/examiner took a little bit of pity on me – I’m not going to go into details but…we both had previous!

Anyway, as you can probably guess, driving to make money is not exactly something I would take on…

But a few of my mates have tried out driving for Amazon Flex recently!

It’s a pretty exciting way for people to earn a decent wage packet – especially if you enjoy driving (unlike me!).

So here’s our Amazon Flex review – is it really all that it’s cracked up to be?

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The Amazon Flex Review

Most people these days are pretty big Amazon fans, but unfortunately I’m not – don’t worry though…I’m not going to let this fact color this review (promise!).

Disclaimer – I used to work for them as an affiliate and the US branch decided to ban me out of the blue…the bastards!!!!

Anyway, as I stated above, this is a different Amazon beast and I will not let past experiences cast a shadow over this review.

Amazon has decided to test an hour delivery time using casual drivers like you and I.

This is a pretty hard-line delivery system – there are no set hours for the job…Amazon wants their customers to get bought items within the hour…period!

Amazon Flex Drivers

Before we go any further I should point out that my ‘mates’ who are involved in this delivery service are not based in the UK.

The delivery service was born in 2015 in Seattle but at the time of writing this they have stretched out across the US…

  • Arlington
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Okay, Okay, Okay! I’m not going to spend all day listing the territories it covers (Google it – that’s what the search bar is there for!)

On average Amazon Flex drivers can earn between $18 to $25 per hour, but this is only active when you are actually DELIVERING something!

The whole shebang’s success also depends on whereabouts you are located…obviously.

I mean, just because you’ve signed up for this thing…don’t expect delivery requests to be pouring into your email account!

Amazon Flex Drivers

Interested in becoming a Amazon Flex driver? See if you qualify first…

  • You must be 21 years of age (or over)
  • You need to own a dependable motorized vehicle. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to deliver on foot or bike.
  • You need a smartphone to download the app they use to set up deliveries.
  • A background check is performed on all drivers.
  • You need a clean driving record (well that’s me knackered then!)

That’s it really – not too strict at the end of the day right?

As long as you can tick off every one of the requirements above you will be accepted into the Flex program!

Complaints – Is Amazon Flex Scam?

Well Amazon is a pretty well known company these days…but there’s always some sort of dark cloud if you look hard enough.

So what are the complaints…if any?

Well first off the bat is the amount of drivers who simply cannot earn enough off this delivery service.

Amazon is a trusted company (by most!) but in this case they are completely unable to supply a full time income to most of the their drivers.

This pretty much sucks in my book!

The problem appears to be that there are simply not enough deliveries to fill the time of drivers in each block.

This is a relatively new service though so things might well pick up in the future?

The second main gripe I encountered was based around the actual wear to your own vehicle.

At the end of the day you are using your own transport to make these deliveries – how much wear and tear are you willing to put up with?

Furthermore you have to think about the money you’re paying in gas – is this really worth your time and effort…and overall car condition?

I have also come across a handful of complaints regarding the support network put in place by Amazon.

Now, when you work online, or through an internet based device, you NEED a decent support system up and running.

Apparently this is not always the case with Amazon Flex – sometimes they take an AGE to get back to you.

Will this length of time cost you money?

You Decide!

Overall this is definitely NOT a scam in any way, shape or form. Even though I have a ‘bee in my bonnet’ about Amazon – they are a worldwide brand and they are in the public eye…

They cannot afford to jump on the ‘scam train’.

The problem they seem to have is that they have started off too fast – they now have way to many drivers and not enough work.

At the end of the day this leads to only one thing – part time wages instead of full time wages.

Which wage packet are you looking for?

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40 comments on “Amazon Flex Review – Driving For Amazon Flex

  1. I m at a dead end job and need to make money to live on and pay bills. I m a waitress and need a change. Thank you so much for listening.

  2. I think this line of work might be good for those who are students or for people who have a meaningless job. Personally, I think it could be good to get yourself out of debt or are saving up for something special like a holiday. If the work load was good enough, then it could be a great option. For me, I love my job as an online affiliate marketer; Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation to teach you how to do it, and with this I earn some serious money now!

    1. Yeah this sort of thing relies on the workload on offer really Sharon – you need to reach a certain wage to make it worthwhile in the long run!

  3. This is a great review of an opportunity I did not even know existed. I think this is a great alternative to the current types of driving opportunities that have become so popular like the rideshare companies. I personally think an idea like AmazonFlex is so much better than those other companies in a lot of ways, such as safety first and foremost. I really hope this opportunity comes to my area soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Chris! 🙂

    This was a great article! I had no idea this was a thing. Looks pretty interesting! Like you said, it’s definitely up to the person whether or not they are willing to put their car up to all that driving around – but hey, if that’s what they’d like to do, then more power to them! :)Thanks for all the info! 🙂 And I’m sorry about the whole ban thing – that’s no fun at all! 🙁


    Artistically yours,

    1. Well it’s not the first platform I’ve been banned from Pascal…and it probably won’t be the last LOL 🙂

      It happens when you’re working online – just gotta take the rough with the smooth!

  5. Wow. To be sincere, this is my first time of hearing about Amazon flex. Amazon is really trying out there to make people work with them and earn residual income.. The last I heard of income strategies with Amazon was thar of Amazon associates.. However lovely post am delighted to know about Amazon flex at least I can recommend it to my friends.. Thanks

    1. Yeah they are really expanding on the work side of things aren’t they Yudee? I’m not much of a driver myself but I can see a fair few city folk getting into this sort of gig!

  6. I think amazon flex is a scam, I bought an android phone because flex does not work on iOS in SD, then I finished all the steps (videos, background chef, etc) I set full availability in the schedule and along 3 weeks I couldn’t get 1 block to deliver. I sent several emails, chat with representatives (they don’t know anything about the program the support is just by email).
    Here the reply.
    “Amazon Flex provides a flexible opportunity to turn free time into supplemental or part-time income. The availability of delivery blocks may fluctuate week to week and are not guaranteed.
    Our system matches blocks to delivery partners based on availability and customer demand, and not every delivery partner will be confirmed for delivery blocks ahead.
    Same Day blocks may become available anytime based on availability and customer demand. To sign up for one of these blocks, tap ‘Ready to Deliver Today’ on the Home screen. If you do not see ‘Ready to Deliver Today’, this means that you are not able to pick-up same-day delivery blocks at that time.
    As a reminder, we do not expect exclusive services from our Delivery Partners. If you want more delivery work than is available through Amazon Flex, we encourage you to make your services available to other customers.
    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.”
    You can see everyday post like this on Craigslist “Make 18-25 hr, with amazon flex” If you wouldn’t have blocks for your drivers why to post every day? probably they need to sell Amazon phones and they are using this strategy to do it.

    Don’t waste your time guys, cheers!

  7. I am an Amazon Flex driver. The first delivery was great, I finished in 2 hours and made $72.00. Next block of deliveries was for about 4 mobile home parks. Many of them don’t have numbers and there is no place to park. I thought that was a nightmare until today, when I got assigned 27 packages — 90% of them were in gated apartment buildings. First of all, you can’t get in and secondly some of them are so big it took me 20 minutes and I finally gave up trying to find an apartment number. In addition to all this, they recently updated their system and it’s been a nightmare. Right now, it’s still showing I’m out delivering packages and I can’t shut it off. It’s using up all my battery life and support is useless. On Saturday, I got so frustrated tying to scan my packages for delivery that I took them out of my car and went home. So, think twice before you become an Amazon Flex driver.

    1. Wow that sounds pretty sketchy Bonnie – thanks for letting us know about this (our readers will be very grateful for your input and experience!)

  8. i signed up for Amazon flex in the UK. They assigned me to the wrong region – 4 hours drive from my home and having contacted their useless email support and even more useless telephone support team, whose supervisor’s refuse to speak to drivers, I have been told it will take 2 weeks to change this (their) mistake. Their phone and email support are not joined up, the phone support from the US hung up on me. They have no complaints procedure or department. very poor for a company who is building ‘Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company’.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I’m actually based in the UK myself (Welsh – Cardiff) so it’s great to get an experienced perspective on this. I actually covered Flex in this article through gritted teeth as I used to affiliate for Amazon (US) on one of my other websites…until I was rudely banned for no apparent reason.

      Anyway I contacted them (US support) and got nothing but a mouth full of abuse off the daily supervisor there…so I returned the abuse (tenfold). Long story short – they demanded I take all their products off the said site…so I left them all on there and I continue to get threats off them on a weekly basis (which actually makes my day!) 🙂

      When I heard about Flex I thought it could be a good opportunity but knowing Amazon as I do – I knew these sorts of reports would eventually come in.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and your opinions with us. Come back and let us know if there are any updates!

  9. recently signed up for amazon flex uk. as you said in the cortical bit confused about the job. as mentioned in the job description, i have to work as an independent contractor. so i have to use my car and the fuel cost is mine. as it is pick time of the year i am getting around 6 delivery slots everyday between 11:30- 22:00 (11:30-15:30, 12:00-16:00, 12:30-16:30, 17:00-21:00, 17:30-21:30, 18:00-22:00). 4 hours for £52 and max you can get is 2 slots. but the delivery depo i am assigned to is an hour drive from my home via M25. so just confused if it is worth it. and on top of it there is TAX. 😀 i guess i hove to do one shift and calculate the expenses right. that is all i can do.

  10. Amazon flex is some bs like the person stated if you got money time and gas to burn go for it.. Because they only care about your vehicle ans how many packages they can fit in there and your time how much are you willing to let them take advantage of. Cause stations will send you on deliveries knowing your block about to be over and you are not paid for that extra hr.. Ijs not a cool place to work at all..

    1. Hi Kie,

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience with them – this will help out a lot of people thinking about signing up with them (or NOT signing up with them…as the case may be!)

  11. I am a Flex driver in the US. It is a great supplementary income option. However, as an Independent Contractor I have to pay employer taxes as well as personal taxes. Just about 30%. I just paid it and it took a toll on my federal tax, owed the state and local government.

    1. Hi Haleet,

      So would you say that Amazon Flex is worth signing up with overall? I mean after the tax situation is paid up? Can you really earn enough out of it?

  12. I would say is a nightmare. I did a flex block today. App deleted all of my scanned packages after I loaded my car. Had to unload, scan and reload. I was also told that I would have 40 packages with about 30 stops today and it should only take me about 2 hours. Lol. We scanned 66 parcels and I had 61 stops, all but 5 of them were apartments that needed gate codes. My 4 hour block took me 8 hours.

  13. Standard Amazon meat grinder. Just like their treatment of warehouse associates, they don’t seem to care about Flex drivers. More getting “hired” everyday, so shut up and work, or move on. They get their packages delivered for $1-$2 each, so no motivation to improve anything. The dark underbelly of their empire is the dank treatment of employees/contractors.

    BTW … “passive residual income” is redundant … and actually performing work results in “active” or “linear” income. Cheers anyway.

    1. LOL thanks for that Bert but that is the name of this extremely successful website, and it has been since it was launched. I think maybe we’ll stick with it if it’s all the same to you? (it’ll never be redundant because we will never be redundant!)

  14. I have been delivering for almost a year now. It started out as good part-time money. But now amazon is really pushing the numbers. Today they scheduled me for a 3hr drive and gave me 60 packages ( that only 3 minutes a delivery) it took 5 hr but you only get paid for 3hr. It has been that way for the last 3 months. At first, on a 4 hr shift, it was 44 packages the numbers keep rising and the length of the shifts keep dropping. I guess they are seeing just how much they can get away with. Vendors are cheap to bring on board. those are real numbers I think it’s over for me.

    1. Hi Jett,

      Yeah by the responses I’ve seen to this article it really looks like a grind – Amazon are way off the mark with this service so far! I wouldn’t want to work those hours either…

  15. I’ve been doing flex for about 2 weeks and I have to say it does have it’s ups and downs. I get 3 hr blocks that sometimes last 4 hrs and sometimes only 2 hrs depending on the location and if it’s an apartment or not (shudders). The warehouse I’m getting packages from is new so it’s a guessing game on how they run it. I had to learn the hard way that if you’re nice to the warehouse workers they’ll pile on the packages onto you and expect you to get it done. If you tell them hell no I won’t go! They’ll be more likely to accommodate you. I see ppl who are friend’s with them and get only 16 packages while I get 45 so I guess it’s all in who you know and how much butt you’re willing to kiss. I need to income right now, saving for a better job opportunity so I’ll bite my tongue for now. Let’s see if this “job” gets any better (fingers crossed) or worst….

    1. Well it does sound like you’re doing slightly better than some of the other visitors I’ve had commenting here Jevor. How is it going this week?

  16. Best job I could ever want.
    I’m retired, love to drive have worked for Amazon Flex since November last year. Each week I’m offered 2 or 3 blocks that I have 24hrs to accept or decline. The blocks are for between 2 to 6 hours each. The deal is I am guaranteed​ $18 an hour + tips. I average between $20 – $30 an hour. I figured my gas expense @ an average of $2 – $3 an hour. There is also the ability to pickup blocks during the day. I will admit that you have to have the time to spend looking for blocks. I average 12 hrs a week and after gas I make + or – $200. All in all in my position who could ask for better.

    1. Well that’s good to hear Eric! All I’ve received on this article so far are negative views so it’s nice to hear from someone who it’s working out for! Congratulations on the job fit! 🙂

  17. The More you drive the more the Problems with Amazon Flex. Here are a few things one should consider before driving for Amazon Flex.
    1.If you get more than 3 missing Packages, Amazon Flex can and will deactivate your account, just on the word of the Customer. Flex will not investigate to see if the Customer is lying, rather they will blame it on the Contractor.
    2.If you get into an accident involving your car and Amazons Packages are damaged, you are liable. If you did not inform your Insurance Company that you are delivering Packages for Amazon Flex, and they find out, your insurance will be cancelled.
    3. It is your responsibility to inform your Insurance Company if you are using your Vehicle for business purposes.
    4.Amazon Flex will throw you under the bus, always remember that, they will not defend a Contractor. Amazon Flex will protect the Customers information, but will not protect the Contractors information.
    5.By the time you add up the Federal, state or local taxes, car insurance, wear and tear, Maintenance, its not worth it. It works great for Amazon Flex, but not for you and your car, no matter what anybody tells you.
    6.When a UPS, or FedEx driver damage a package, or lose a package, their insurance pays for it, up to a certain amount, however, since a Amazon Contractor does not have this type of Insurance Protection, the Amazon Contractor can become liable, and under the Amazon Flex Contract, Amazon can recover their lost from your bank account.
    7.It is what Amazon Flex does not tell you, that can ruin you.

    1. That first point about the 3 missing packages is pretty heavy isn’t it Tone? Imagine how many workers have been done over by that little trap!!!

  18. Great review! I’ve heard of Amazon Flex and would love to sign up, but I don’t live near a large city that has Amazon warehouses. I still enjoyed learning more about Amazon Flex in your post.

    I appreciated the short video you included. That gave me a really good idea about how this is supposed to work. It sounds like a very simple process to be able to earn $18 to $25 an hour. It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t have enough deliveries for their drivers.

    You make a good point about how much wear your personal vehicle would take. I’m not sure it would be worth it, especially if you don’t get enough deliveries to make a full-time income.

    Thank you for sharing this information!


    1. Hi Weston!

      When I first published this article I had only really heard good things about Flex but I have been contacted by a few ‘workers’ who’ve read the article…and they were less than impressed with their time working there!

      Anyway, hope this article helps you make a decision! 

  19. I signed off the unemployment register to become a Flex driver, thinking that I’d easily earn about £350+ per week. In the beginning, I was averaging around that figure, but as time has gone on, I’m offered less and less blocks, thus it has become uneconomical to me.

    Having started out as a courier driver with a large international courier company some 30 years ago, and progressed to senior management, I think it’s fair to say I know how a delivery system should work. Since Amazon (like pretty-much every other company) rely upon computerised systems, they would be able to generate all manner of in-house reports for analysis by logistics and transport planners and managers, but it appears that they either don’t generate these reports, or haven’t got a clue how to interpret the data! For example, they send a weekly email to their flex drivers, telling them that they completed X number of allocated blocks, and delivered Y number of packages in that week, thus creating a reliability score. By using that system, it is clear that driver performance/reliability is monitored, but the relevant managers are not identifying who their most reliable drivers are, and rewarding them by offering them more blocks to the detriment of “under-performers”. Likewise, I reckon that, since the flex app has permission to “see” what is installed on your phone, they should be able to identify who is using a “bot” to grab every available block, to the detriment of the more honest drivers – but they are not taking any steps to identify those “block thieves”.

    There are also far too many 3-door cars arriving at the Amazon station at Eurocentral (near Glasgow), and you are not telling me that times are so tough in the taxi trade that they have to work on the flex program to supplement their earnings!

    I reckon I’ll give it until January 2018, then they can shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    1. Sounds pretty dud to me Steven – all of the reports I’ve had here after penning the article seem to be negative. One to miss I think.
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

  20. *** UPDATE ***

    We’ve just had Black Friday, and Cyber Monday here, and Xmas is right around the corner, so… LOTS OF EXTRA BLOCKS, RIGHT? ENHANCED PAYMEETS? .. You would certainly expect so, but in the past week (payment is sent to your bank account on a wednesday) I have only been able to work 2 reserved blocks (1 x 2hr / 1 × 2.5 hrs for Prime), and 3 x 4 hour blocks since last Wednesday! My 2 hour Prime block is worth £28, the 2.5 hour Prime block is worth £36.50 (both include tips), and each of the 3 four-hour blocks are worth £52 per block, so basically my earnings for this week will be £220.50. Irrespective of my hours, the distance I drive each week means that I refuel my car at a cost of approx £50 to fill my tank, leaving me with the grand total of £170, and let’s not forget the all-important 50p!! Meanwhile, owners of 3-door cars are still arriving on site, despite the Amazon T&C’s stating that you should have a 4/5 door vehicle. Likewise, people using a bottle system on their phones to “steal” every available block on offer although, to be fair, steps are apparently eine take to identify those drivers using such an app, with the intention of binning them. Sadly, it is too little too late! I said I was going to give it until the end of December – I’m through with them now! I’m also right behind those amazon workerso on the continent that have gone on strike.

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