(The Best) Alternative Google Keyword Tool

Alternative Google Keyword Tool

Building out a successful blog or website is one massive pain in the ass – take it from someone who has gone through the process over thirty times!

So why do I continue to do it?

Why haven’t I given in and taken up gardening or golf instead?

Well, when you own a successful website you are continually opening the doors to more money…and we all like money right?

But, as I mentioned above, building these websites is often the most soul destroying process you will ever go through…and many give up the ghost within 12 months of buying their very first domain name…

I decided to write this article on the alternative Google keyword tool I use to give newcomers a slight edge when it comes to publishing content people will actually get to read.

At the end of the day – you can write a great article…but if nobody reads it…your time and effort is completely wasted…

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Let’s Take a Look at Jaaxy…

Okay, okay, I’m not gonna waste time here and bang on about the negatives of SEO and content – most of you are fully aware of how hard it is to rock a blog online!

Let’s just get straight into the tool option I use to put me ahead of the crowd…so to speak!


Yep – pretty strange name isn’t it?

I wasn’t that bowled over by it’s title when I was first introduced to it…


Keyword tools


But don’t let that put you off – this keyword tool is an ABSOLUTE BEAST when it comes to digging down into niche SEO.

Right, before we go any further I want you to think about something for a second…

You’re well aware of how fierce the competition is for high traffic, low competition keywords. The blog/website owners who locate the best keywords are going to get the majority of free traffic…

Free Traffic = Free Money!

Jaaxy is an online keyword finder tool that will reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum.

Jaaxy gathers up search data from the three major engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, and displays it to you, the user, in a simplified manner.


Let’s Make This Easy…

If all of that (above) is a little confusing, please don’t worry…

This article will provide you with FREE access to the Jaaxy tool and a completely FREE webinar tutorial on Jaaxy from SEO extraordinaire Jay!!!!!

I know how off-putting these kinds of things can be when you are relatively new to them.



Sign up for free with Jaaxy HERE.


Read our full review on Jaaxy HERE first, then sign up after you feel you are bit more ‘informed’ about the tool!



Learn How to Use Jaaxy Like a Pro!

One of the secrets to ranking posts, pages and websites is REALLY good keyword research. It can literally set the difference between great traffic and zero traffic.

Join Jay as he walks you through his EXACT Jaaxy research method that gets rankings all the time…


Jaaxy tutorial


The Importance of Keywords

The Importance of SEO

I’m not going to beat around the bush here – keyword research (SEO) is probably the most important factor behind building up a successful website.

When I first came online to ‘find fortune’ with internet marketing, I didn’t realize how important this step was…and I saw very little success.

Once you have managed to rank an article for a specific keyword – your work is done!

Sure, it may slip from the first page of Google’s results to the second from time to time…but if the SEO is solid it will always return.

Remember – A website that is well optimized for search engines ‘speaks the same language’ as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.


Jay’s Video Tutorials & Wealthy Affiliate

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I constantly promote their free education on this site because they are the guys that finally got my internet career up and running…after an extremely stuttering start!

If you are looking at making it BIG in the blogging world you are going to need a skills set behind – you are going to have to get some sort of education.

The Wealthy Affiliate offers this education for FREE.

That’s right – they will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up a successful online business…and they will even throw in two free websites, with free hosting, to boot!

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