Add my Website to The Search Engines


Add my Website to The Search Engines

I can still remember the first time I had to add my website to the search engines way back when – talk about a little ‘green around the edges’, I had no idea what I was doing!

Most online internet marketing courses are wonderful at teaching you how to get your head around the more difficult procedures but often leave out the simpler ones.

It’s these simpler, overlooked procedures that people tend to get a little stuck with!

Several years ago I had a little blog up and running with a grand total of 5 pages on it and I thought I was a superstar ( looking back that blog was a pretty pathetic attempt but we live and learn! ).

I knew I had to submit it to certain ‘big player’ search engines but I had no idea how. I didn’t know if I had to add my site to Google myself or pay them to do it for me!

This ‘how to’ guide is a primer about getting your small business website into Google, Yahoo and Bing….fast, and free.

There are thousands of search engines out there but let’s be honest here – who the hell uses them? Google, Bing and Yahoo dominate the US and the UK – you don’t need to look any further than these three players!

Is my Site Indexed in Google?

First things first – let’s see if your site is actually already indexed within Google. This is the simple procedure of typing your website address into the Google search bar and seeing what comes up.

If you site pops up then bingo – you are on your way! If it doesn’t, you need to tell Google you are up and running.

You can also try selecting a unique portion of text from one of your pages and typing it into the Google search bar in quotes ( “” ). If that particular page is indexed it will show up.

Why is my Website Not Showing up in Google?

Please don’t panic – this is simply a case of Google not really being aware of your website YET. Google needs to come across your website in order to send it’s spiders through your site.

These spiders report back to Google and let it know the overall quality/use of your site. These spiders don’t really seem to have a set working day ( if you know what I mean! ). A lot of bloggers will try and convince you that they know the routine of these spiders but let’s be honest here – only Google knows. 

But please don’t think you have to wait months for these little robotic critters to show up on your site – it’s more like several days! 

How to Add Your Site to Google

There are numerous services out there that will add you website to a ton of different directories and search engines. The problem is that the ‘free’ service they offer usually comes with a catch!

This catch usually involves you pimping out your email address in exchange for their so called ‘free’ service. You know the score – they claim that they hate spam as much as you so your email address is safe with them…

If that’s the case why do they need your email address in the first place?

Below I’m going to show you the ONLY way to submit your website to search engines. It actually involves you submitting it to the big ‘G’ only and letting the other search engines pick it up from there ( which they will eventually )…

How to Add a Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Yep! Forget about all the ‘bells and whistles’ services – Webmaster Tools is all you really need to get your site noticed by ALL of the big search engines!

Once your site is in Google’s system ( i.e. Webmaster Tools ) it will continually be crawled by the system’s spiders. In fact, you can even request the Google spiders to visit your site and have a look!

That’s right – you can control the little blighters and get their asses moving!

Submitting your site is really not that difficult if you follow the simple steps below:

Google Webmaster Instructions

Please don’t worry if that sounds a little confusing – there is much more help out there than that!

I’ve decided to include a video below that I stumbled upon the other day. It’s a full tutorial on how to use Webmaster Tools that goes through the process in a step-by-step fashion…

Add my Website to The Search Engines

That video is pretty awesome right? That’s all you need to get your site ‘out there’. Don’t spend your time faffing about with submission services when you can corner the king of search engines yourself!

Once Google has indexed your site ALL of the smaller players will eventually follow suit – you don’t need to do anything more! This very site was ONLY submitted to Webmaster Tools and I get visitors from search engines I haven’t even heard of before!


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