7 Day Millionaire Software – Broker Scam?


7 Day Millionaire Software

A free piece of software that allows you to become extremely rich within a week sounds like a gift from the heavens right?

The 7 Day Millionaire Software fits this bill down to a tee…apparently. It provides you with the chance to make untold riches on autopilot.

Remember – this is a seven day turnaround.

Do you honestly believe ANY piece of software will EVER have the power to do this for FREE?

7 Day Millionaire Review

I’ll start this 7 Day Millionaire review by pointing out this is yet another Binary Options product. I’ve reviewed many of these ‘Binary’ products before and they all seem to use the same cloaking device.

They always make it extremely difficult for you to pinpoint HOW you are going to make your money.

As always, you have to wade through the typical sales video that highlights the benefits and shows you a handful of testimonials.

You are constantly reminded that the 7 Day Millionaire Software is completely FREE and you are going to hit the big time without opening your wallet.

All this is total BS of course – effective products rarely come for free on the internet, there’s always a strategically placed catch waiting for you around the corner.

The video does a relatively good job of making you think you are onto a right winner. It claims that eventually this software is going to be sold for big cash but at the moment it needs beta testers to prove it works ( alarm bells start ringing! ).

But there are only 40 spaces to be filled for this free beta testing position…better hurry and sign up!!!!

That Damn Broker Again!

As you’ve probably guessed by now – all is not what it seems with the 7 Day Millionaire.

Here’s how this, and every other Binary Options software works…

At some point in the software setup process you will be asked to sign up with a particular broker. If you don’t use this Binary Options broker the software will not work!

To sign up with this broker you need to deposit a minimum of ____ dollars. There goes the illusion of a FREE piece of software.

Once you deposit this money to get your broker account up and running the owner of 7 Day Millionaire get’s a nice commission.

You get the magic software…but I doubt very much that it will work the way it is advertised to. Once your money is inside a broker account you will need to hit an earnings threshold before cashing out – things are looking to look very bleak for you and your money.

Binary Options – Easy Money

Unfortunately most of these Binary Options offers are extremely easy to promote due to the fact they can be labelled FREE to join ( when essentially they are not! ).

Binary Options programs are everywhere because they are so easy to promote.

These broker deposits you make are non-refundable and you don’t pay anything for the actual software so you’re essentially screwed.

It’s a scam – pure and simple!

Do you really think that someone who has stumbled across a magic money formula is going to share it with you for FREE?

Unfortunately these types of scams work and work well – if they didn’t they wouldn’t be on the market in the first place.

Please stay away from the 7 Day Millionaire – you will find nothing but heartbreak with this particular piece of software.

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5 comments on “7 Day Millionaire Software – Broker Scam?

  1. No one can ever turn himself to be a millionaire in 7 days, unless he/she wins a lottery. There are so much scams like the 7 day millionaire and people must really do their due diligence before signing up.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Hiya Jack! Nice to hear from you!

      Thanks for pitching in and giving us your opinion – hope everything’s going alright with the site 🙂

  2. I often wonder if people actually buy into this and pay money for it, and then you here about some elderly couple giving their bank account out over the phone to scam artists like this and realize it is a real thing, and people are being taken advantage of. These people use the media bias to make people further believe that success comes over night. I always remember “if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it already”

  3. Wow wouldn’t it be great if we could become millionaires in seven days. Then we wouldn’t have to work ourselves to the bone.

    I actually can’t believe that people can be so gullible in this day and age unless you have only been online for two days.

    Great review and hope to read more from you soon.

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