60 Second Millionaire Secret – It Don’t Work!


60 Second Millionaire Secret

​Psst, do you wanna know a secret? Well we’ve got a 60 Second Millionaire secret today that is probably gonna save you a whole lot of money – it don’t work!

You’ve probably noticed by now that the majority of ‘work at home products’ we review on this site are not worth your ( or anybody else’s ) time!

We do this for a reason – it makes much better sense to promote a small amount of legitimate programs and highlight a large amount of scams.

If you are looking for sturdy, legitimate ways to earn online we will always point you towards the Wealthy Affiliate University or the mini-jobs at Clixsense.

About 99% of every other opportunity we cover here is a danger to your pocket – and we WANT to highlight this fact…

60 Second Millionaire Review

How does $35,000 every day, for only a minutes work sound?

Well it should sound pretty good to you as it certainly caught my attention!

But the internet is a dangerous place folks – and I’ve come across thousands of similar claims in the past.

At the end of the day there is only one way to earn proper money online – to work harder than the guy next to you. You will achieve absolutely NOTHING in 60 seconds.

So the alarm bells were ringing before I even jumped into this new magical product. I sat back and got ready to watch yet another sales video on push-button riches.

Stuck on Repeat

There’s a sort of rule of thumb that all scams seem to stick to with their sales video – the ability to keep on repeating themselves over and over again!

Stuck on RepeatUnfortunately this tactic must work otherwise the scam merchants would of stopped using it. It doesn’t work on me though…

During the first few minutes of this particular video I was hit up by ‘Undeniable proof’ and ’60 seconds work’. A few minutes later I was hit up by ‘Validated accounts’ and ‘Real proof’. Towards the end of the video we did a complete loop and we were back onto ‘Undeniable proof’ with a ‘$35,000’ thrown in here and there…

Do you see what they’re doing here?

60 Second Millionaire Scam

But it’s not really fair of us to just stop there – we should dive a little bit further into the product so that you can get the WHOLE picture.

The 60 Second Millionaire is yet another Binary Options mash up that is based on the same principals as hundreds of other worthless products out there.

It is essentially a piece of software that accurately predicts whether a trade will go up or down. So you bid on what the software tells you and within the month you’ll be dining with Kim Kardashian.

This is never going to happen of course. All of these Binary Options robots are set up like so:

  1. The program/robot/software/whatever get set up by a money hungry ____.
  2. He then informs you how much money you are going to earn through using this product.
  3. The best thing about it is that this wonder-product is absolutely FREE!
  4. ​Next come the rather worthless testimonials that are made up from stock photographs.
  5. You take up the FREE offer only to find you have to deposit $____ in a broker account to get started.
  6. You deposit the money and switch on the software only to find out that it doesn’t work.
  7. You pull your hair out trying to get your money refunded from the broker but that’ll never happen.
  8. Meanwhile, the product owner has been paid a huge commission from the broker for referring you to him.

​It’s not really rocket science guys – these types of programs are often put together by the same owner time and time again. A quick domain purchase and a change of product name and bang – another worthless piece of software in the market!

The 60 Second Millionaire Secret

The 60 Second Millionaire delivers a painful faking process from start to finish. I’d go as far as saying it has absolutely nothing to offer from an honest viewpoint.

The sales page provides some Facebook related comments from so-called successful users. Cameron Frazier was at the top of this list of comments when I visited the site and this is what his post claimed:

“YES!!! Finally hit my 2015 goal, I’ve made 1 million bucks and it’s only March…looking forward to kicking some serious butt this year!!”

Seriously, that is the actual Facebook comment he apparently left on the page!

The 60 Second Millionaire offers absolutely nothing – it’s a dead product set up to make the owner and his affiliates rich.

If you are interested in learning how to make money online the LEGITIMATE way we suggest checking out the Wealthy Affiliate University. Read our full review on their services by simply clicking the link below:


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    1. Hi Matija,
      Yeah spread the word as far as you can – this is not a trustworthy product at all. Fake testimonials and false promises!

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