5 New Innovative Ideas to Attract More Customers


5 New Innovative Ideas to Attract More Customers

Does your website bring you enough new clients or customers? When was the last time you looked into your sales funnel to check it’s efficiency? Do you need help turning your website audience into paying customers?

Here are 5 new innovative ideas to attract more customers by making your website a more comfortable and dynamic place to be…

#1 Regular Website Updates

If you visited a store on your local high street which contained pretty awesome products you’d want to return right? What happens if you returned a month later and the exact same products were on sale?

Nothing has changed and you are stuck with what you saw the first time around. You’d be pretty disappointed right?

A website is your online calling card and in turn your online store. If you do not update it regularly your visitors will start to lose interest.

I would always recommend hosting some sort of blogroll on your website. This gives you the simple platform to easily share new business offers and updates.

They are simple enough to set up and simple enough to use. Search engines are much more likely to rank you higher if you show your site is active.

#2 On The Sell

Nothing is more off-putting than arriving at a site and being bombarded with special offers and product prices. It’s sort of like a tidal wave hitting you in the face.

It’s not dynamic and it’s not user-friendly – it’s messy and uncomfortable!

Always on the sell99% of the audience that lands on your site has a question that needs answering. You have to try to at least attempt to answer this question before throwing a product in someone’s face.

When you keep on blasting on about product options and price nothing really stands out on the webpage. The visitor becomes blind to the offers and then fails to notice anything else under the offers.

You must constantly be on the lookout for content, features and article ideas that can fit onto your site.

You are looking to build trust and answer questions before going anywhere near a product offer.

People are not stupid – they can recognize when you are ‘on the sell’ and they also know where the ‘back’ button is on their browser!

#3 Be Visible

So, you don’t want to bombard your potential customers with offers but you do eventually want them to perform some sort of action.

This is when you NEED to be VERY visible!

Your call to action ( CTA ) is the one action you want prospective clients to take. When it comes to using it you want it to stand out as simply as possible.

There’s no harm in using a CTA on every page of your website as long as it is subtly done. Some people opt to have to above the fold ( near the top of the webpage ) whilst others prefer to leave it at the bottom of their content.

Both these methods have their pros and cons – it’s totally down to the individual or the business.

You must always aim to keep the CTA as simple as possible as not to risk confusing the visitor. Be clear, concise and specific – let them know what action to take.

#4 Are You Human?

Most visitors to a website will need some sort of human connection before they feel truly comfortable in proceeding to a purchase.

Be HumanI’ve lost count the number of times I have arrived at a website only to find there is no ‘human face’ to the business.

People want to know who the person behind the business is so please include some sort of personal image. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt – you don’t even have to be good looking!

Just pick an image and use that image, it’s a starting point and you can always update it for a better one later on.

If you’re lacking in confidence or don’t feel any of your photos are up to standard visit my About Chris page for this site. You can’t tell me that’s a good picture – but it does the job!

#5 Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?

Sometimes YOU need to do the chasing because the internet is a VERY busy place. It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in – there will always be some sort of competition.

It always makes sense to promote your best content where your customers are likely to be found. These places are perfect locations for you to build relationships with customers as long as you don’t try and hit the ‘sell button’.

Once potential customers build up a trust in your online business they will view you as a potential leader in your field. At this point there is no need to worry about the competition in your niche – the hard work is already done!

When it comes to attracting the perfect customer to your website, the trick is to show them exactly why your website business is valuable to them.

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16 comments on “5 New Innovative Ideas to Attract More Customers

  1. You’ve got five really good tips there and you write in a very easy to understand way, giving examples to highlight your point. I like that. A lot of people need not only to be pointed in the right direction, but also to be told what to actually look at 🙂 There’s a lot of importance in actually helping your site visitor before jumping in with any kind of sales patter.

    1. Well said Jyl – and thanks for the article compliment 🙂
      I’m glad you found worth in the five points we covered here.

  2. Chris this is a great list of ideas to attract readers. They all work. I think the most important is the first one with constantly adding fresh content. Comments help as well. And if I don’t have time to write a new post, I often update old blog posts. It just seems to help me rank better with Google. And then this gives me more visitors.

    1. Yeah I think you’re bang on the money there Wendy – content AND comments!
      Google sees comments as a representation of engagement and also adds them to your article word count – a win/win situation overall 🙂

  3. Hello Chris these are five very good points to remember when wanting to attract more customers. You also make them easy to follow and understand in the clear way you present them on this page. My favourite was the Regular Website Updates and as you say your website is your online calling card and as you also point out there is nothing more off-putting than being bombarded with special offers and products for sale. These are all great points to take on board.

    1. Hi Peter, nice to hear the points we covered here were useful to you – hope they bring you much success online 🙂

  4. Hi
    Great ideas! I personally think they are all important and all need to be implemented in order to attract and retain customers.

    Personally I will never stay on a site long enough to even determine if the content is what I am looking for if there is a ton of advertising. It is such a turn off. The other thing I do not like is the email opt in that pops up after a few seconds of being on a page. I will typically leave those sites as well.

    Thanks for sharing. This site is informational and I Look forward to additional info from you.

  5. I think you really nailed it with your ideas in this post. You are dead right when saying not to bombard people with too many sales as soon as they land on your page. That’s like walking into a shop and immediately being harassed by 5 retail assistants all at once trying to sell you something. Great the way you gave examples in this post as well.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Great tips and bits of advice. I can just agree on all of them and you made some great comparisons.

    For me personally, it is important that your site and products are up-to-date and that people recognize you as a human being. It makes no sense to write the best articles if everybody think it was written by a robot.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us 🙂


  7. Hi Chris, Very useful info here for anybody trying to improve their blogging technique. Tip #4 is especially important as people are much less likely to want to to buy from an anonymous source no matter how good the content may be. I like the way you use your own pic on your About Chris page as an example of “good enough” – also a good example of how to increase your “clickthrough” rate (I clicked through to check out the pic)! 🙂

  8. Hey Chris,
    Excellent post, I like #2 the most – Being on the sell. I used to promote promote promote when I first started online because I wanted sales so bad.

    I spent months paying for ads and promotions but I never made a single cent which was terrible. Only after I learned that creating good content helps, I put in the effort and now I get sales every month.

    How I wished I knew that from the start, would have saved myself an early success. Loving your article, impact as always.

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