4 of The Best Blog Growth Strategies


Best Blog Growth Strategies

​I decided to share a handful of what I deem to be the best blog growth strategies to get your site moving ( in the right direction! ). I encounter many newbie blog owners on a weekly basis and they all seem to have the same problem – they cannot get past 100 visitors a day!

If this is happening to you then please don’t worry – it is a very common problem that 99% of website owners will encounter in their initial stages.

The early days of owning a blog/website are by far the hardest days you will encounter. You have to jam in as much work as possible and there is no guarantee it will work out in the end – it can be a very dark and worrying time!

So here are 4 of the best blog growth strategies out there – they are simple and easy to master if you are willing to put the groundwork in. Remember that all aspects of blogging become a lot easier the more you do them…Practice makes perfect! 

1) Articles to Die For!

That’s quite a serious heading isn’t it! Killer Articles are also referred to as Pillar Articles – they can really set things in motion!

A killer Article is not like a normal post – it takes a lot more planning, time and effort. But please don’t be put off by this as it’s NOT something you have to do EVERY day.

Articles to Die For!

These articles are long and structured articles that have the goal of delivering an enormous amount of value to potential visitors. Here are the ideas I normally center around for my Killer Articles…

  • Create a bumper resource – this is a page that covers a massive list of resources for a single niche or topic. If I had a blog on fishing I may decide to create a killer article on the places you can find free freshwater guides. This approach will work for just about any niche out there – just put your thinking cap on and I’m sure you’ll come up with a banging idea within 10 minutes!
  • Teach the masses – people come online to find answers to questions and to increase their knowledge on subjects. If you offer a DECENT tutorial on a subject you are familiar with you will see a dramatic rise in visitors looking to learn more about the chosen subject.
  • Find solutions – you will find common problems within every niche and it is good practice to try and solve these problems.

When readers find a killer article ( pillar article ) it usually blows them away. More often than not they will bookmark the page and share it with other like-minded people they know. ​

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2) Daily Networking

I know this isn’t for everyone but please try and give it a go – it’s not like standing up in a new classroom and introducing yourself. It’s all about false confidence really and barging you way into fellow blogger’s thoughts.


It will normally take no more than 30 minutes to an hour a day but if you stick at it religiously you will soon see results. Try out these three simple options and see how easy it is to get noticed:

  • The power of a blog comment – a simple search through Google will bring up thousands of similar blogs to yours. I know these are essentially your competition but you can use them for your own personal gain! Simply begin commenting on subjects they cover that you are familiar with. Back up their advice and also add to it when possible. Eventually the regular visitors and the blog owner will take notice and want to find out more about you. ​
  • Linking out to other blogs – if you find articles on similar sites you are impressed with write your own work on them AND link out to them.
  • Converse and interact – not all fellow bloggers in your niche will be up for a chat but a lot of them will! Try and contact these friendly few through email or even stalk them a little bit on social media 🙂

You are trying to ‘get in’ with these fellow bloggers to aid your own blogging efforts but don’t be up front about this. If you build a genuine relationship with some of them then they will offer to help off their own backs.

Don’t drop them a line and say ‘I’m stuck with this I need your help!’ – very few of them will respond to this ( and who can blame them? ). ​Approach them because you respect their work and because you think the two of you could grow together.

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3) Marketing = Promotion

Whichever way you look at it you are now in the internet marketing domain! If you own a blog you NEED to implement some marketing skills for it to succeed. The biggest marketing weapon will always be promotion and you must make use of this weapon:

  • Whenever you publish an article you need to contact the people in your network to let them know it is out there. In some cases they may want to link back to it themselves ( providing you with a welcome injection of extra traffic! )
  • Social bookmarking sites can really rocket a post or article so try and use a few of your friend’s ​profiles. Simply ask them to post your new article as a favor – a good friend would surely have no problem with this!
  • You will find a wide selection of forums and newsgroups online that relate closely to your niche. Find a selection that you like and let the members there know about your latest article. Don’t go overboard here – just casually slip it in and try not to throw it in people’s faces. Start the post with “For those of you that are interested….” or “I would love your feedback on….”

4) Just be a BLOGGER! 

This is ​one of the best blog growth strategies around and it’s also the easiest – just be a blogger! 

That’s right, do what you were put here to do! Pillar Articles will stand alone on separate pages on your site but blog posts are your bread & butter. The more blog posts you have the more active your blog will appear to search engines and visitors.


Normal posts can be about absolutely ANYTHING that is related to your niche so don’t hold back – think outside the box! 

If you are struggling for ideas on these more frequent posts then keep the following pointers in mind:

  • News reporter – keep your readers in the loop about recent news that has come about in your niche
  • Engage – get people talking and leaving comments on your posts by simply asking a question and giving a possible answer. The more controversial you are here the more of a fuss and response you will kick up.
  • Tricks and tips – these types of posts always work well as long as the trick or tip is worthwhile ( there’s no point blogging about a tip everyone is aware of! ). Any sort of new resource that you feel will be beneficial to your readers will work in these sort of posts.

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10 comments on “4 of The Best Blog Growth Strategies

  1. Hi Chris,
    You definitely place your finger on the sore spot.
    Im a firm believer that practice makes perfect, so you have my attention!
    Reading your 4 steps I really started to understand the entire concept of your strategy.
    Your post is absolutely helpful! Im sure it is to many other people as well.
    You also gave this post the perfect closing, focus on blogging, content and the rest will follow.
    If you have any more of these tips, Im here waiting for them.
    Best, Marcel

    1. Hey there Marcel, glad you found the growth strategies we covered interesting 🙂
      Stick around…there’ll be more coming soon!

  2. chris, another great page. I could while away my day reading all your posts.You are on your way to creating your own University of online income ideas.
    Your advice on the blogs is very interesting to me because I love to write stuff.
    By the way, if I was to sign up to Clixsense via your site, do you earn a referral fee?

    1. Hi Damien, nice to see you back here again!
      Yes that Clixsense link ( all the Clixsense links on this site actually! ) is a referral link from my account 🙂
      I don’t mind promoting them as I had so much success with them when I first started out online!

  3. This is a goldmine of blogging wisdom. It’s often tempting to chase after some shiny object, get rich quick thing-a-ma-jing when all we really need to do is blog about our passions. It may not always be sexy, but real honest to goodness business rarely are.

    I love your #1 Recommendation. It’s the best!

  4. Pretty good information you have here. Traffic can be a serious issue for many of us who market our products online. It really will take some hard work and some patience that’s for sure. It definitely won’t happen overnight. Even I myself have spent hours even days editing a page I just completed but it’s worth the shot of success right?

    Good job!


  5. Hey Chris, I came across your site while looking for some strategies to grow my website. I doing some of them but You didn’t disappoint. I can see what I am missing right away. Thanks for the wonderful tips and I would definitely start working on some of them especially on daily networking.. Thanks again.

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