4 Killer Tips For Writing Attention Getting Headlines


Tips For Writing Attention Getting Headlines

I thought it was about time we covered some ​tips for writing attention getting headlines to increase the attraction of your posts and articles.

Now I have to admit that I sort of ‘missed the boat’ on this subject when I was learning my trade online. I used to slam out as many blog posts as possible in an attempt to bolster my site content and attract more attention from the search engines.

Simply put – It’s easy to let headlines take the back seat in your writing process!!!

But headlines are an extremely important ingredient of online articles and they should not be written in haste. So without further ado let’s take a look at a handful of useful tips for writing attention getting headlines for your content…

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An Afterthought?

It’s so, so easy for headlines to end up as a relatively quick and meaningless afterthought. But if you think about it – headlines are often MORE important than the content itself!

Having great content is a jumbo bonus but what’s the point if nobody is ever going to click through and read it? Scanning over any page of search results will give you a snippet of meta-description and the headline to the content – the more interesting this content the more chance you have of people clicking through on your work.

It’s all about the headline – that magical string of words that allures and excites…

1) The Use of Lists

For some reason people are addicted to the idea of lists – especially on the internet. There’s something ‘easy’ and ‘digestible’ about a list as opposed to a block of paragraphs.

Starting your headline with a number is a sure-fire way to grab searchers attention and make yourself stand out.

Use Lists In Your Content

Lists give the readers the notion that they will be able to easily scan over the work you have provided and find a few handy tips in no time at all. It paints them a picture of what they can expect from our content.

If you are not favoring the use of digits or numbers in your title why not try one of the following favorites below:

  • Ways to….
  • Reasons for…
  • Reasons to…
  • Secrets…
  • Ideas…
  • New methods…

These 6 examples above are my ‘go to’ solutions when I am struggling to come up with a half decent headline ( we all have those days! ). ​​

In some cases I find it easier to write the content first then leverage the headline from what I have written – it’s not exactly SEO friendly but it does seem to give you an interesting result!

2) Mysterious Writer

A Mystery WriterI often find that people seem to get a little to intelligent or ‘alternative’ with their headlines. If you produce an abstract headline what makes you think people are going to go for it?

Well in most cases they’re not ( sorry! ). You want a degree of definition in your title – you don’t want to leave readers hanging and trying to figure out what the post is about.

Your content headline needs to clearly articulate what you’ll be covering in the article – don’t be vague and don’t be to much of a smart ass!

3) Go to The Dark Side of The Force…

People in their nature are cynical and sometimes this can really work in your favor. I’ve lost count of the amount of posts I have released that have dark and negative headlines/titles.

Modern day adults like to find out how and why they are being shafted or manipulated…

  • 4 Things Your Bank is NOT Telling You
  • ​Is Your Low Calorie Choice Really That Low?
  • Cigarettes Are Bad For Your Health, But Are E-Cigs Any Better?

​See what we’ve done above – we’ve gone over to the dark side of the force and we are teasing people with the negativity around them. People love this! Seriously – give it a try!

banner 2

4) Absolute Beginners

This is one of the more simple ideas to implement into your headline but when used correctly it rocks! People often search online to educate themselves or learn more about a particular concept.

People are not really that confident with a subject they are looking to get into – they would prefer to sit at the back of the class and just listen at first. Simply put – treat a newbie like a newbie…

  • A Beginners Guide to Juggling
  • Dog Training For Beginners
  • Internet Marketing Newbies

These three titles above reinforce the fact that newcomers to the subject are going to be in their comfort zone when reading ( or learning from ) this content. These types of headlines reassure readers that your content will be in layman terms that is marketed towards beginners.

Trial And Error

I had to make mistakes with this subject before I managed to get it right – this is a FAST way to learn ( as mistakes often cost time and money! ). Try out a few of the suggestions we have covered here today and see what works out best for your specific niche.

If you have any additional tips for writing attention getting headlines please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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18 comments on “4 Killer Tips For Writing Attention Getting Headlines

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for pointing out the importance of headline. As for myself, I only pay little attention to my headlines, just try to fit in a keyword that makes sense. After reading your article I will pay more attention to my headlines. Tell me, you suggest trial and error but frequent changing your headlines, does it affect your rankings?

    1. Hi Kumar,
      No I wouldn’t suggest changing the headline too often at all – it will cause you to be re-ranked on a constant basis and I can’t see Google enjoying that much! By trial and error I mean try out a style of headline on a post and see if it works, then move onto the next style. Try and figure out which style draws in the most visitors and go from there 🙂

  2. I have to be totally honest. I don’t give my headlines the attention that I should. And you are right, it will get more attention with a killer headline. I really need to focus on this more. I mean, it is the first thing readers see on my page, so it should be great! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Yeah you need to get a hold of that Wendy! Headlines/titles are one of the most important factors when it comes to drawing in organic visitors. After all – who wants to click on a boring headline when a more interesting one is above/below?

  3. These are some great tips on writing effective headlines. I am new to the world of online marketing/blogging and I am trying to figure out if I should be writing “catchy” headlines or rather focus more on keywords for SEO ranking. I have read that unless you have a large social media following (which I do not), it is better to focus on keywords rather than headlines that grab attention. So I am trying to combine the two, but that is easier said than done. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I definitely think that you are on the right path by attempting to combine the two! You want to draw visitors in but you also want to rank well in the search engines – a mix of the two is just what the doctor ordered 🙂

  4. This is all very useful information, thanks for all the tips. I’ve thought about the importance of a headline but never actually apply it. Not that i’m too lazy I just get completely wrapped up in what the content should contain. I will be sure to keep the headline(attention grabber) in mind. Thanks again for the informative post!


    1. Hi Jason,
      Always try and leave your main keyword in the title somewhere – it does wonders for your SEO and rankings over time! Remember – your title is your article’s first port of call in the search results ( you want it to stand out above the others! ).

  5. The mysterious google ranking. I wish we had the magic formula right out of the gate but we don’t. GRRRRRR. I never gave much thought to this but it sure makes sense. It is a delicate balance, one that does take a lot of thought. As time goes on I will get better at all of this writing and learning the secrets to successful online marketing. Until then, I will continue to work, study what other people do and try to have a lot of fun in the process.

  6. Hi Chris

    What an absolutely fantastic article!

    It is definitely a subject that most tend to overlook and you have written it so well!

    I is long, but it is captivating. I’m not one to read a whole article through but I definitely read this one through, it didn’t lose my interest!

    I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    Stacey 🙂

  7. Hello Chris,

    cool article i didn’t realized that the headline is so important , & i totally agree that people like suspense 😀 you have to write an exciting headline then they you click on that to read & know the secret behind this article.but i am not sure that the website can be in better ranking by the headline ?

    Good job Chris


    1. Better in ranking Ehab? Well yes it certainly can but that all depends on whether or not you have included a keyword in the title! 🙂

  8. Hi this one of the things I have struggled with since creating my blog. Attention grabbing headlines. But thanks to reading your article I have a better understanding on what works and why it works. I like to look of your site also. Its easy to read. I saw you number one recommendation. The screen shots are a good added touch.

  9. Hi there, I am a fan of interesting headlines, it makes me actually know what I’m going to be reading about, and I love it. I like the idea of making a list that lets the readers be able to immediately choose exactly what they want to read from your site, or whatever’s interesting to them. I also love the “dark side of the force” that makes people rethink what they think they know about a subject, and I would like to be able to use this, but I have a fashion website. Do you think that fashion has a dark side? If it does, I can’t see it, and will have to give this major research because I do think that people will enjoy reading about it, as will I. Great topic!

    1. I would think nearly every topic has a ‘dark side’ Retha! Sit down and think about it for a while – you don’t have to come up with an answer straight away, give it a few days.

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