4 Effective Ways to Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic


Ways to Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic

Traffic is the blood and life-force of EVERY online businesses. A website is built for visitors who are interested in a product or specific information. If a website can generate massive traffic, it’s likely to make more sales of service, goods or ideologies that are offered by the website.

There are numerous techniques which can be used to enhance the ability of your website to attract and drive massive traffic and one of these techniques is organic. This technique requires using a lot of inbound methods which requires both time and effort while planning as well as executing.

However, organic traffic generation methods are known to offer sustainable results. Here are 4 methods that can be used to increase organic search engine traffic…

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1) Obtain Contextual Links And Attract More Links

When you are featured on high authority sites such as social voting sites, influential blogs and news websites, you tend to get links that are of greater value that will expose your website therefore making it possible to get several other links via massive impressions.

Authority websites are widely read and by getting linked to these sites, you will be able to enjoy the multiplier effect. To achieve these kinds of links, here are a few considerations that can assist you:

  • Create high quality content that targets different customers based on different audience and which can help to make people interested or aware about the existence of your website.
  • After producing your content, ensure that they have what it takes to be seen by the absolute- authority sites. Check the structure and ensure it meets their minimum standards.
  • If you are running a news website, present the story that you’ve crafted as an important resource when tipping them off.

2) Build More Great Quality Pages

A well optimized and high quality web page draws search engine traffic the natural way, regardless of it being through global, localized or personalized search results due to the fact that readers will be coming into contact with a well crafted web page.

Building more of these great pages will help bring you more visitors the natural way. Among the content-ideas that can attract readers through social media platforms and that can easily be promoted include:

  • Crowdsourced content
  • Pillar content or articles that are considered to be a valuable comprehensive resource.
  • Slide presentations, videos and infographics together with rich media content.
  • Exceptionally drafted articles about popular brands.
  • Content that’s published using your domain name all the time.

3) Syndicate Social-Sharing

Social media is an important online marketing tool. We comprehend that even the search engines rely on signals and social data to improve their search results. Having high level of prominence on social media platforms is a clear indicator of high quality content.

Online users will only share content that is of a decent quality and which offers them the valuable information that they need. There are a many ways that can be used to enhance the syndication of the content by sharing on social networking websites and among them include:

  • Use your networks to enhance the rate at which your content is shared. You may also use automated techniques to improve the process of sharing content that are newly published.
  • Build a massive following on social media platforms. Choose two or three major social media platforms where majority of your targeted customers are active. Some of them are Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more.
  • Attract those who enjoy massive influence in your industry by engaging them regularly via social media platforms and also through your site’s content.
  • You may also get in touch with your connections through email and ask them to share your content. This works best on specific occasions such as when launching a new product.

4) Use Email Blast

You can provide the people in your email list with free products that are considered valuable. You can send them free reports, white papers, important apps, tools and many more. If you can do this quite well, you will be able to increase organic search engine traffic by a considerable amount and increase your conversions by a significant percentage.

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22 comments on “4 Effective Ways to Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic

    1. Hi there Hagop!
      We do have a video section on the site covering several topics at the moment. If you look at the category tab in the sidebar to the right you will see ‘video tutorials’ there! Glad you enjoyed your visit here 🙂

  1. How do you you personally manage so many different social media platforms? It’s a lot to keep organized and up to date! This is an area I am greatly struggling in. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Jamie,
      I’m not going to lie to you – it’s hard work keeping up! I always leave one or two social platforms open on a spare tab so I can pop back and forth to them. I find that taking short breaks away from writing content to update my social status works wonders for me. Still, not everyone’s like me so you have to find what’s right for you – how much time can you afford to put into them?
      Cheers for stopping by – hope this social marketing gig works out for you in the end 🙂

    1. Hi Julian, that’s a really good question!
      So good in fact I’d struggle to cover it here in the comment section. If you visit this link here you’ll find a ‘getting started’ guide. It’s an awesome tutorial for newbies!
      Good luck 🙂

  2. Definitely – an online business is built upon traffic. I, myself, have been looking to increase my organic website traffic and this guide is definitely a help.

    I will look more into this at another time. It suits my needs and taught me a lot. Who knew links would do so much? Great job!


    1. Yep – traffic is the lifeblood of ANY successful website! Nice to know the article provided you with a few handy pointers, good luck implementing them 🙂

  3. What a great informative site! I have of course had my own perception of how to build more traffic, but this really puts it all into context – thanks a lot for the effort of putting it all together.
    You mention the term “organic search engine traffic”. In this context: what would an in-organic search engine traffic correspond to?

    1. Hi Conny,
      ‘In-organic’ traffic refers to traffic that you do NOT draw in from the search engines ( direct traffic, referred traffic from social media etc. etc. ). Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hey Chris,
    Great tips you have here, really helpful and straight to the point. I’ve been trying to get a grip on search engine traffic for a while now and I agree with email blasting, they really are quite powerful. I’m trying to better my content writing skills though, your tips are very interesting. What do you mean by crowd-sourced content?

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. To get contextual links is very hard especially if it comes from authority websites. I usually do not do this because you are never guaranteed to rank because of this factor alone.

    I personally use social media to get more social signals on my website. Do you have any strategy to get high quality contextual links?

    1. Well, good content = organic backlinks.

      Keep producing unique and worthwhile content and the backlinks will be created by others linking to your work!

  6. Hey Chris,

    You touched upon the four major points that can truly help to increase organic search engine traffic. People should use your tips as they will help those struggling with their traffic generation.
    I think if people were to only focus on one of the items, it should be to create ore quality pages. While the other items are important, producing quality pages will never get old and will be rewarded by readers and search engines alike.
    Great job on this post. This is helpful and well written.
    Best Regards,

  7. Hello Chris,
    Organic traffic has been the toughest thing for me and my business right now. I will be implementing these methods to help grow my traffic. Thank you for the info. As far as social media traffic, have you heard of StumbleUpon? I ask because my traffic went through the roof, but so did my bounce rate. Will Bounce Rate affect any ranking from the search engines?

    1. Yeah I know of StumbleUpon but unfortunately it can work in both ways (as you’ve found out!). Your bounce rate will effect your overall rankings I’m afraid!

  8. Thanks for the helpful info! My own website is still quite new, but I struggle to find real ways to drive traffic to the site.

    Did you have the same problems when you were first starting out online? Did you struggle to see any significant traffic?

    This list is great, and I’ll definitely try out some of the strategies. My next big step is starting an email list, but I’m currently brainstorming what will be the best information or ideas to send to them!

    I am thinking about signing up for an autoresponder like Aweber – do you have any opinions on them?

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Yes we all have the ‘traffic problem’ when we first start out in the blogging world – it ain’t a Kevin Costner film! (build it and they will come…).

      You will find a million different pieces of advice online about this but my very BEST advice would be to just keep going – keep on keeping on!

      The more content you post the more visitors you will see (original content of course!).

      As for email marketing – hold on a minute!

      Concentrate on getting real good organic visitors to your site first, don’t run before you can walk.

      Do you even have a healthy email list yet?

      Seriously – slow down!

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