30 Day Change Review – Same Old Story

30 Day Change Review

I’m getting pretty tired of jumping into ‘make money’ product reviews only to find out that they are nothing more than Binary Options based crap.

But highlighting this crap is one of the reasons I get so many visitors to this site so it’s always going to be worthwhile…besides, I hate seeing people get ripped off!

I’ll try and stay as positive as possible through this 30 Day Change review but I warn you in advance – I was not that impressed…

The Pitch

So we’ve already highlighted the fact that this product is nothing more than another take on Binary Options software. As most of you will already know I seem to have encountered quite a few of these systems already.

I’m not a fan of Binary Options – I’m a fan of hard work!

For those of you that are not aware of how they work here is a quick rundown:

  • You sign up with a Broker by investing a sum of money ( usually ranges from $50 – $100 )
  • You are able to place this money on various stocks and ‘guess’ whether it is going to go up or down
  • If you guess right you win money

​That’s basically all the skill this platform requires – it’s a glorified roulette wheel.

This product seems to go down the same route as every other Binary Options based lie before it. It tells you what you want to hear – it introduces you to members that have already ‘made it big’ with this system…

The Successful Members

This section of the sales page had me in stitches laughing – who are they trying to kid? There is a sort of carousel banner that keeps showing you semi-detailed stats of the members that have flourished through this system along with a link to ‘watch the proof”.

Where they got these photos from is anyone’s guess – it’s like an episode of Catfish! Here is an example of two of these lucky individuals below:

30 Day Change Testimonials

Check out good old James River from New Orleans on the right side – how sleazy is that guy!

The images of these people are from stock photography sites and have been used many times before.

Quick…Spots Are Still Available!

On the right hand side of the screen there is a floating widget that let’s you know that there are spots still available for this wonderful money making opportunity.

When you click on it you are shown the rather impressive pop-up below:

Spots Available For This Software

So we now know there are spots taken and still a handful of spots available – better jump in quick right?


This is such an overused and shady tactic that seems to constantly pull people in ( unfortunately ).

This little pop-up uses a cookie to influence the numbers on it. They will appear to change but nobody is signing up – there will forever be just 3 spots left to take!

The remainder of the sales page has been done a thousand times before and I’m to tired to go over this crap again – the tacky video, the 100% secured site badges and fake bank statements.

What Happens if You Fall For This?

If you are unfortunate enough to fall for this then the outcome is not going to be great for your bank account:

  • You sign up and are introduced to a broker that will require a deposit ( surprise, surprise! )
  • The owner of this product will receive a nice commission from the broker due to the fact that sent another unfortunate soul their way
  • You will be left desperately gambling your money on Binary Options choices to reach the payout threshold ( which you are highly unlikely to EVER reach )
  • You will have lost your money and the broker and the product owner will have made money

​​You see – with the brokers 20-30% fees on wins and the 30 Day Change fee of 3% you are fighting an uphill battle. Nobody is THAT lucky in Binary Options as it is nothing more than a stock market fruit machine!

30 Day Change Review – Conclusion

I must start by apologizing for this lackluster review – I’m sick and tired of these Binary Options scams. The problem is they work – people fall for this and people lose money.

This is another program you should avoid at all costs – it’s designed to take the shirt off your back!

You will essentially be gambling your money on a 50/50 chance of success. Once you factor in the commissions of the product owner AND the broker you will have to be EXTREMELY lucky to make even $10 out of this.

Still Want to Make Money Online?

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8 comments on “30 Day Change Review – Same Old Story

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    1. Hi Branden. Thanks for your comment but our system has removed the links you left in it ( we are not an advertising board! ). There is still a clickable link left on your name but we do not allow backlinks in the comment text itself.

  2. Hi, nice website.
    I know a bit about binary options and agree with you that it’s not a skilled business…actually it’s not a business!

    Not sure if I agree with you though about the hard work part though as to me hard work is…hard!? I would much prefer easy work for good money, is that possible nowadays?

    I think those people in the photos are actors by the looks of it. I had a look at binary options and they also seem to always have 7 spaces available. Things like this always rings alarm bells with me. Thanks for the nice, clear review.

    1. Hi Dillon,
      Well I think you’ll struggle trying to find easy work for good money online – every legit opportunity has one thing in common ( hard work I’m afraid! ).

  3. Chris,

    Thank you so much for the advice. There are so many scams out there that promise you how to ‘get rich quick’, when the only ones getting rich are the phony con artists. I also totally agree with you about being a fan of hard work.
    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our review – glad you were able to learn something here ( and watch out for those scams!! ).

  4. Hi Chris, loved your review, came across one of these last week and I was wondering about it, didn’t smell right to me so thought I would look around first to make sure and lucky for me came across your review, thank you so much for saving me from yet another scam.
    cheers tracy

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