21 Minute Content Based Ranking Algorithm!

21 Minute Content Based Ranking Algorithm!

Are you looking for a fast and easy content based ranking algorithm to help your webpages soar through Google’s results? Well I guess I already know the answer to that question…as you have landed up on this page for a reason (right?).

Let’s not pull any punches here – unless you are based in one of the most diverse niche choices on the planet…you are going to struggle with your rankings.

Now, that’s nothing to be ashamed about, as it happens to 99% of webmasters out there (and it’s even happened to me numerous times in the past!).

How about a simple 21 minute process based on elements of SEO?


Well, how about this 21 minute process being laid out in front of you, step-by-step, in a friendly and easy to follow video tutorial?

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

Read on…

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Web Page Ranking Algorithms

I can remember reading a rather famous article first published in 2013 by Brian Dean named Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. This is still considered a landmark article and has recently been updated (well, last update was Nov. 2016!).

It was an interesting read – no doubt about that, and there’s a reason why the article is now so famous among internet marketers and webmasters.

But…by the time I finished reading it, a big grey cloud had gathered above my head.

I kept thinking to myself – “Who the f##k is going to pay attention to all this crap?”

Actually, I still think that way now!

You see, a lot of ‘big players’ online like to look good – and why wouldn’t they right? But most of what they come out with is rather long-winded (at best).

When I look to learn something I want to get to the ‘good stuff’ fast and I want to learn fast. So without further ado…

21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps

No Smoke.. No Mirrors.. No Tricks

It’s no secret that I am a product of the Wealthy Affiliate university – I learned my trade there and I never looked back. I am still a member and I always will be.


Well, the WA is the ONLY place that welcomes newbies to internet marketing and gives them the education they need to succeed…for FREE!

It’s actually one of the only places online that updates it education on a weekly basis.

The video tutorial on the 21 minute ranking system is yet another brilliant weekly webinar from Jay – the Wealthy Affiliate’s resident webinar teacher.

Regulars to this site will already know how effective his teachings are, and how good he is as a teacher.

Enough talk – lets see what all the fuss is about….

Web Page Ranking Algorithms

By following Jay’s systematic process, content on your website can rank within the search engines. This doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to rank in 21 minutes. But some sites will rank faster than others and this is primarily from site age and authority.

The Importance of Content

Well I really hope you enjoyed the video tutorial and I REALLY hope you are able to implement Jay’s system into your content ranking efforts.

But, it would be completely wrong of me to leave things as they are at this point…without highlighting the single most important factor in ANY website’s success.

Forget all the gurus and black hat tactics – successful websites are built on one thing and one thing alone…


I can’t stress enough how important it is to just keep writing, and writing, and writing…

Posting new and fresh content, along with updating old content, is the most powerful SEO tool you are ever going to come across.

It’s seriously that simple!

This shouldn’t be news really – content has been an important ranking factor for a while…but in recent years, we’ve seen a shift away from keyword-focused content towards more relevant content written in natural language.

This trend is going to continue – mark my words.

If you need ANY sort of help with your content creation I strongly urge you to become a FREE member at the Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s be honest here – Jay’s weekly webinars are worth signing up for alone!

Creating a successful website really isn’t that hard…as long as you have the right education behind you and the right mentors in front of you – guiding you.

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