The Untold Secret To Finding Article Ideas In Less Than Ten Minutes

The Untold Secret To Finding Article Ideas In Less Than Ten Minutes

Search engines are built around the concept of content marketing – they may not like it, but it’s happening all the same!

I’m not saying that marketer’s are pulling the wool over Google’s eyes – they are aware of this process but they are also aware that there is very little they can do about it.

So modern search engines pride themselves on supplying original, and high quality content that meets whatever needs, wants and desires they currently have.

This is their sole weapon against the tide of webmasters who are looking to make a quick buck!

Most bloggers/webmasters get to a point where they are struggling with finding article ideas – sometimes the well just dries up!

Even if your particular niche is abundant with potential topics, sometimes it still becomes hard not to repeat yourself and give your audience something new.

I decided to publish this article because I have come across many hopeless content efforts that claim they can help with finding article ideas.

The options below are NOT magic solutions to your writer’s block – but they have helped me out on numerous occasions.

Take a look and see what you think…

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1) Make The Competition Friendly

Who said that the competition actually has to be competition? I absolutely LOVE IT when a so-called competitor comes out with a killer article!

You see, I’m a bit of a animal when it comes to self-confidence in internet marketing. Whatever one person does…I always tell myself I can do better!

Make The Competition Friendly

Keeping abreast of what content your competition and peers are creating is a great way to spark ideas and generate topics.

The trick here is to take something wonderful and make it even better!

Some call it leveraging, some call it plagiarism and some call it criminal…

I call it evolution!

It’s nothing more than helping a content idea evolve!

Here’e a quick test for you – carry out a simple Google search on a popular subject ( ‘internet marketing’ would be a good start! ).

Pick the first few results from Google’s first page – these articles are obviously ‘marketing gold’ to rank so well.

Read each article then ask yourself – “can I add anything to this awesome article to make it any better?”.

99% of the time the answer will be a resounding YES!

2) Pick Your Visitor’s Brains

I just re-read the subheading above and realized it sounded like a cheap zombie apocalypse film!

So, please don’t attempt to eat your visitor’s brains – use their intelligence instead!

The comment section of your blog should be a hive of new ideas for you. I constantly receive questions on this site that I struggle to answer.

And if I struggle to answer them – many other’s will too!

This goes for private emails, social media or whatever contact you have with the internet world. Take your audience’s questions and turn the answers into an article.

This is a VERY powerful way of developing old subjects further on your blog.

3) So Many Questions…

People come online to find solutions to problems and have queries answered. It could be a product, it could be a service or it could be some free advice…

People want answers to their questions!

As with picking your audience’s brain, you can take the power of the internet and find questions people are asking in your niche.


Websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are full of people looking for answers to some of their questions.

Some of these questions are quite ridiculous but most of them are deadly serious!

Find questions that are related to your niche and develop an article that answers each one.

This will not only give you several brand new articles – it will also help you appear like an authority in your niche…the guy/gal who knows everything!

Remember – you only have to APPEAR like an authority in your niche…nobody needs to know that leveraged your impressive answers off a REAL authority!

4) Remember Harry Potter?

No this option has nothing to do with a bespectacled little wizard – I’m on about BOOKS here!

Remember books – the things you used to take on holiday with you before YouTube hit the smart phone industry?

I love reading – always have and always will.

But people seem to ignore the paper page these days and opt for reading straight off their PC screen…

This means that there are a ton of untapped ideas floating about in niche-related books out there!

Use books for ideas

But you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase every book in your niche – 99% of the time just the title of the book will do!

What do I mean by this?

Simple, visit the book section of Amazon and run through all the books you can find in your niche.

I GUARANTEE you will find numerous article ideas from just the book titles alone!

It’s quick, simple…and not many other webmasters are taking advantage of it!

Trouble Finding Article Ideas

We all run a little bit dry sometimes – no matter how talented we think we are!

Running a successful blog or website requires a constant stream of unique content otherwise you will end up second best ( every time! ).

Remember – it’s not the content that’s the problem…it’s the ideas that spark that content!

Keep your eyes open and take note of EVERY possible article idea out there!

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6 comments on “The Untold Secret To Finding Article Ideas In Less Than Ten Minutes

  1. Hello Chris , all bloggers at some point have trouble in coming up with new ideas.As they are humans and not machines.

    Your second option is something I try to have in mind always , as I respond to comments or questions through social media.

    I agree that some of the Quora questions are ridiculous but these are questions coming from people so we might not underestimate them.

    I like your approach , answers to questions , because generally this is what blogs are about.To provide solutions based on real problems.

    Great article , as always.All my best for the New Year…!

  2. I loved these ideas for finding article topics! I’m a big fan of finding inspiration from other sites and blogs and adding my own opinion or angle to a topic they’ve written about.

    I especially like the tip about finding article ideas in books and printed sources. I think I’m going to make a trip to my local bookstore today and see what jumps out at me! Thanks!

  3. Wow what an awesome article! I never that there was so many ways to get article ideas especially from amazon books. Never thought about get ideas from the comment section of my site. I just always thought the comment section was only for people to have a place to leave their opinions. What a great way to get ideas.

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