Existing Websites For Sale – Should You Sell?

Existing Websites For Sale - Should You Sell?

Building a website, especially one that can be termed as successful, is a grueling task. The amount of work and hours that go into publishing a website makes you wonder why anyone ever puts up that “existing websites for sale” ad at all!

Of course there are a few individuals who make serious money from building that next profitable website for sale or flipping websites but really, is selling your website the right move?

Coming up with a successful website is a continuous process that includes:-

  • Long hours of website design and setting up
  • Filling it up with the right content
  • Promoting and Marketing (SEO and the whole ten yards…)
  • Regular updates and website maintenance

Trying to make a website profitable can take a piece of your life away, literally. You invest a lot of your time (including sleepless nights…), money, tears and sweat.

And of course there’s the most amazing feeling when you finally make your first dollar…

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Why Consider Selling?

Here are 5 reasons why a website owner will put up their website for sale.

#1 Capital for a New Project

One of the reasons why website owners may consider selling a website is trimming off their portfolio to fund a project with a promising future.

Capital for a New Project

All entrepreneurs are always looking for that next spark, that jewel in the dirt that hasn’t been discovered yet, but alas, some of it needs some start up cash that may not be otherwise readily available.

#2 Things Become Boring

Yes, it happens. Sometimes the website that took so much of your life away can become incredibly boring! Even with all the time and money, you find that the website starts losing its audience and thus its profitability.

This is mostly due to poor content or lack of “fresh” stuff to keep your audience interested. Don’t let your dream die, let someone else live it for you…

#3 You’re Just Broke

It really depends on your individual situation but yeah… you can sell your website to avert “brokeness!”

You can be behind on bills, maybe without food for your family or overdue mortgage payments, whatever the reason, selling your website can be a viable option in such scenarios.

#4 No Time for Your Website

No Time for Your WebsiteA website is only successful and only continues to be successful when someone is working on it regularly (preferably every other hour!).

The content needs to be up-to-date and captivating, you can do regular website revamps, anything to keep the traffic up and money trickling in… but that needs time.

When you find that this is the case in your situation then you probably should think of selling the website before its value dwindles.

This is not rocket science, of course a website will fetch you more money when its metrics are still looking good to prospecting buyers.

#5 For Profit

As earlier mentioned, some people are into the website building business purely for money and this means cashing in on them as soon as they are fully established.

This is one lucrative way to make real huge amounts of money online for good web designers.

The Dark Side of Selling Your Website

Here are some of the reasons why you should not even think of selling your precious website.

#1 Low Prices

Just like any other market out there, the website market is driven by so many similar factors and sometimes the fluctuating prices will not be to your advantage.

Some market places carry out auctions and the highest bidder may not be even close to what you want or think you deserve for your website.

#2 The Pain of Starting Over

A successful and profitable website is not something you build overnight. So unless you’re into making sites rank well then sell them for quick profit, then its advisable to keep your website.

# 3 Losing Your Recurring Income

Selling your website means losing out on future passive income.

If your website is properly monetized then the small amounts raked in on a regular could grow to a sizable over time when you think about it.

Keeping your website could be the decision if you have more long-term goals.

Website Market Places: Where to Sell

If it finally comes down to selling your website then it helps to be armed with the right information. Finding serious buyers and eventually closing a sale is not easy.

There are however a few tricks to get you off the ground…

Website Marketplaces

Several sites offer you a platform to either sell or buy a website. Most of them allow free registration and interaction of buyers and sellers but finally have their cut when money exchanges hands.

Some of the best ones include:-

  • BuySellWebsite.com
  • Flippa.com
  • FEInternational.com
  • EmpireFlippers.com
  • WebsiteBroker.com

It is not always guaranteed that you will land a buyer from any of these sites but they have the advantage of taking some of the hustle of finding buyers away.

Just list it and wait for potential buyers to contact you. Of course this means spending time on each site you have your ad posted and negotiating with buyers who show interest.

Your Peers

We almost don’t ever think of this when looking for potential website buyers but your peers or rivals could be the fastest way to get rid of your website.

Your Peers

The number of offers you could get from pitching to other players in your niche might amaze you. This group knows exactly what they are buying and whatever ROI they expect from that investment.

Other Entrepreneurs

The third option is looking for investors outside your playing field which can be rather daunting but still doable.

FYI: Be Aware of the Following

The two things you must be aware of when selling your website are:-

1) Site Transfer

You will definitely be required to be cooperative and very much present during the site transfer process.

It could be preparing the actual files from your end by zipping them for transfer or setting the website on the other side… whatever it is, have a clear agreement with the buyer on what your role will be in the transaction.

2) Fees May Apply

Although totally recommended, you could lose a percentage of your money to charged money transfer fees on sites like Paypal.

Website marketplaces also charge a fee for their commission per transaction. You can expect to part with 10 to 15 percent of your money before the dust settles.

Website Attractive to Buyers?

This might come as rather obvious to many website investors but fetching a decent price for your website will rely on several factors that are not common to all websites…


This can be summed up as the total activity your website experiences as at the time of sale. This includes proof of credible user engagement and interactions.

The “Pitch”

Prepare a killer sales pitch and you’re almost guaranteed to get a buyer within a short time. Finding the right words to make your website sound like everyone’s dream in just a few seconds can really come in handy.

The "Pitch"

Know what makes your website a worthwhile investment in the long run and how to make potential buyers share in your vision.

The Traffic

Please note that sudden bursts of high traffic may look good on the charts, but what you need to ensure is regular and consistent amount of traffic to make your website attractive to buyers.

The Income

And finally to what every website buyer wants to see or hear, how much your website makes. This goes a long way in helping both of you come to an agreeable price based the price range for similar websites on marketplaces.

High indication of consistent passive income means a higher price for the website in general.

Final Word

The question of whether to sell or not to sell your website is entirely personal. Putting up a profitable website for sale is not an easy decision.

But as far as good business and profits go, you can always expect to run into existing websites for sale.

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4 comments on “Existing Websites For Sale – Should You Sell?

  1. I think the only way I would sell my website is if I get an offer high enough where I can do the same process over again within a shorter time frame..
    but that will come later.. and maybe I wont sell it.. the goal is monopolise the online real estate with amazing content.. great article..

    thanks for sharing

    1. Easier said than done Nelson – believe me! I’ve seen websites with over 500 articles on them not even reach $200 at auction. You need super-amazing content to reach the dizzy heights – good luck with your online real estate mind! 🙂

  2. This is a venture am seriously considering going into, but like you pointed out it is discouraging seeing amazing websites selling so cheap. Well, thanks for the information on the site marketplaces. It is a great piece of post you have here. Your offer link for online success is what I believe any serious minded individual who wants to make money online should consider.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Yeah I’m afraid only top websites go for the ‘good’ money. But keep on working at yours – you never know where it will end up! 🙂

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