Alternative Google Keyword Tool

(The Best) Alternative Google Keyword Tool

Building out a successful blog or website is one massive pain in the ass – take it from someone who has gone through the process over thirty times! So why do I continue to do it? Why haven’t I given in and taken up gardening or golf instead? Well, when you own a successful website […]

How to Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

How to Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Most of you will be fully aware by now that I’m a product of a marketing education platform known as the Wealthy Affiliate – I bang on about them often enough! But they are not the only trustworthy internet marketing school out there – you have to look hard…but there are others! One of those […]

how to find low competition keywords with high traffic

How to Find Low Competition Keywords With High Traffic

Before we jump in and get into the bones of how to find low competition keywords with high traffic, I thought it was important that you grasp how powerful simple SEO is to your website’s future success! At the end of the day, keyword research is essential to any website hoping to get free traffic from […]

Audience Overview

How to Find New SEO Strategies That Can Actually Work

Article Written & Provided by Irina Weber Any SEO expert, business owner or internet marketer worth his salt knows that SEO is always changing. New trends and developments are discussed, new search engine algorithms and updates are released and new SEO methods are evolved. It is something that will constantly develop. What are the best practices […]

Keyword Density For Google

Keyword Density For Google – The New Age

  The rules have change and in my opinion they have changed for the better – ​keyword density for Google is now something that you don’t have to lose sleep over! Before we go any further I should point out that this post is dated on the 24th of November, 2014. If you are reading […]