3 of The Top Free Photo Editors Available Online

3 of The Top Free Photo Editors Available Online

Images play a big part in how long visitors stay on your website – they sort of break up the content and give the reader a ‘breather’.

If you’re anything like me you shake at the knees when you see the price of Photoshop or Corel Paintshop Pro.

These types of programs are pretty awesome but they come with price tag – software developers don’t work for free!

Now, you can give yourself a headache installing cracked torrent versions of these programs but sometimes you need a degree in coding to get through the process!

So today I thought I’d cover some of the top free photo editors that are housed online.

They are nowhere near as advanced as the paid software but when combined they offer just about EVERYTHING you will ever need to spice up your blog images…

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The Best Picture Editing Software Online

There are numerous options floating about online at the moment but most of them come with some sort of catch.

The following sites offer the most honest and straightforward editors I have come across. If you know of any others, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

#1 Pixlr

If you are looking for a completely scaled down yet free version of Photoshop then Pixlr should really be your first port of call.

When I first came across this platform I was a little underwhelmed by it’s simplicity and it’s lack of option…but I really hadn’t dug down deep enough into it.

The Best Picture Editing Software Online

I think it was probably the initial layout of the software – it’s not what I’d call dynamic ( when compared to Photoshop and Pixelmator ).

But EVERY piece of software requires time to shine – don’t write it off too soon!

After about a week of use I realized that Pixlr was one of the most full-featured imaging packages available for free online…

  • ​Provides a decent amount of high quality image filters
  • Offers some rather interesting distortion effects
  • Comes with a list of artistic transformations
  • Translates into more than 25 different languages
  • Fairly quick to use ( once you get used to the elegant layout )
  • Program operates within its own application frame
  • Has the option to save to it’s own time frame
  • Also has the option to save to your hard disk

The more I used this platform the more I realized that I was dealing with a rather powerful ally.

It’s quick and easy if you want to preform a simple crop or visual effect but it’s also deep enough if you are a serious photographer.


​I’ve been using Pixlr for over a year now and I am still stumbling across new and inventive functions.

It’s not as well laid out as Photoshop but if you are willing to take on the learning curve…you will not be disappointed!

#2 Fotor

I find that the problem with many of the good photo editing websites on offer is that they opt to go a little childish.

More often than not you are confronted with an array of effects that seem to be centered around making you look good on social media.


On first glance Fotor will definitely qualify as one of these ‘teenage’ photo editors – it took me several sessions before I realized how useful it cold be.

The look is pretty childish overall but this only ends up contributing to an overall easy-to-use interface.

Unfortunately the more serious image editing tools are initially covered up by options for creating collages, greeting cards, and HDR images.

You have to spend some time digging down deep into the platform before you discover the incredibly effective professional options.

On top of that you can sort of mix the two as well – spice up your professional images with filters such as Lens Flare, B+W, Color Splash, and Tilt-Shift. It also provides Frames, Clip Art, and Text.

Fotor Editor

I primarily use this platform to create unique images for my Twitter posts – and it works REALLY well!

It’s a simple and sometimes messy system but once you’ve figured out where the more professional options are there’s no stopping you.

NOTE: Whilst Fotor is a completely free platform they do fund themselves with irritatingly distracting adverts on their interface.

#3 BeFunky

These days the majority of royalty free image websites are well known by just about every blogger out there.

This means that it’s usually only a matter of time before you come across your article image on someone else’s post.

This is pretty awful when it happens – you realize your once unique article is now slightly tainted…

So I like to twist and distort my royalty free images as much as possible before publishing articles – it allows me to stand out…and have my Andy Warhol moments!

BeFunky is a site that should only really be used for changing the dynamics and overall feel of your images.


It gives you the chance to be incredibly ‘arty’ with common marketing images and stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately the interface does take some time to get to grips with largely due to the paid ads placed around the canvas window.

But this software is completely free – it’s up to you to learn where the function’s sit and maneuver around the monetized sectors.

This platform really does have a lot going for it – you can completely transform any image by simple selecting the Cartoonizer tool.

The effects all sort of have a ‘grungy’ feel to them – they have to ability to make even the most over-used image seem funky.

BeFunky Editor

BeFunky’s built-in collage maker lets you add a number of photos in either preset or your own original patterns. It even has a Facebook cover to help construct your timeline photo.

Okay, the adverts can become a pain in the ass but some of these effects are REALLY powerful.

If you are looking for something that can give your blog that artistic edge you really should be trying this baby out!

Editing Images Online

As I mentioned near the start of the article – there are many free editing options out there but these three options are all I need for my online exploits.

If you have any alternatives ( that are also free ) to the options I have covered above, please feel free to include them in the comment section below.

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4 comments on “3 of The Top Free Photo Editors Available Online

  1. Hi there Chris,

    Just thought I let you know that I am a huge fan of Pixlr. I used to use a program called ACDsee for my editing, but the software is becoming too pricey for me to stay within my budget. That’s when I stumbled upon Pixlr.

    While it doesn’t have a lot of depth to editing functions, it works just fine for polishing blog images. Just like you, I am always discovering something new and useful with Pixlr and since it’s a free tool, there’s really nothing much to complain about.

  2. Hey there Chris, I’m glad I stumbled across your article. Was never into photo editing, but it’s good to know that there are free software to try out.

    I am really interested to try Pixlr, however is the program stable across various platforms (windows, mac,linux)? And will there be upgrades to the program that will allow access to more functions?

    Awesome review, and thanks =)

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